When The Day Is Long – Get Off My Back 2018


Weary eyes walk long roads.

The dirt tracks of life are ashy, still, we push on through charcoal streets.

Perceived through hate as we wipe away the grime of failure, to eventually say one day ‘WE MADE IT’! Hail the King of Kings.

But can that one day be today….please. Started from the bottom now we are faded, trying to make it.

Paying you pennies for your pounds of talent, I sit in silence. Amazed by the shade that’s really going down when all you are trying to do is build mansions and purchase Benz.

Can I be your friend at the still of the night when darkness echos my name? Will you remember the fame after they forgot my name.

Can I just touch reality without scrutiny and whisper in your ear ‘I will always be there’.

Even when babyboy needs feeding and the chips are not down but they walked out. Can I protect you then?

It’s on days like this; I make a frosted wish to be the woman God is calling me to be that’s why I can’t get hyped over 2018 you see.

Because this rebirth is gonna take every part of me, even the ugly. Whilst others sip on champagne bubbles, I’ll be sparkling them stardust in my water. Propelling my natural high. Why? Because competition is myself, don’t stop me singing Mr. Lair.

Hello change, can we be friends again, cause lately you been acting brand new.

Hello transformation can I know your name?

Birthed out!

It’s gonna take is all of me, so may the day be long for 2018 eternity.

Winsome Duncan 5th January 2018 (c)




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