This is why your book will never get written.



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The problem new writers are facing today is learning the discipline to sit down and write their books. The most challenging thing is not knowing how to start the process. Sitting down and making the time to write, will be your biggest commitment. If you are finding it hard to focus and commit pen to paper, then you are responsible for creating a space that will allow you to grow as a writer and nurture your gift. Once you make the decision to set aside time to write, your story will be able to unfold.

Many potential authors get a tough deal when starting out, they intend to write a book but never do. At Peaches Publications we want to bring to life the vision YOU have for your story. Let us help you make your book a reality.

We offer support in the following ways:

  • Book Confidence Coaching
  • Creative Ideas and Concepts
  • Manuscript Framework Advice
  • Chapter Headings Suggestions
  • Group Support

If you have a burning desire buried on the inside of you for months or even years to write your book, then it’s time is NOW to put pen to paper and write your book in 2018. Here is what your weekender will consist of:

Day 1 – Identifying the key elements your story

– Create an industry standard contents page

– Understand the theme of your book and your target audience
Day 2 – Building the framework & chapters of your book

– Devise 10-chapter headings

– Writing down the bones of your story, this includes the beginning middle and end

– Simply write

Day 3 – How to write your story – Committing pen to paper 

– Just write it

–  Learn techniques to speed up the book writing process

– Create a book action plan with key timeframes for manuscript completion and publishing date


What you need to know….

1 Please bring a laptop, a notepad, and pens. NO IPADS OR TABLETS.

2 Light refreshments will be available on the day. Please bring a packed lunch.

3 Check out our some of our testimonials here:

4 Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another weekender date.

In partnership with Reap Centre –

The Peaches Publications Team.

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4 thoughts on “This is why your book will never get written.

  1. Interesting tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great blog post. Keep them coming, Winsome! 🙂

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