Begging For A Bank Holiday


  1. Are you currently on your knees begging for a break off, work?
  2. Does the thought of heading back to the office fill you with dread and indigestion?
  3. Do you constantly wish that you were in a profession that you studied for at university?
  4. Have you got a burning desire to start up your own business but do not know where to start?

This blog is to encourage you to begin to think very carefully about your future and your current living environment. Yes, the prospect of leaving your job would be scary, however, staying stuck in a job you hate should really terrify you. I want to help ignite your passion for life and be happy in your day to day activities. We spend over half our lives working, this is why we need to arrest draining work situation immediately and transform. Do not go to work feeling like if your boss gives you one more side look you’re will slap him in his face. Fly high and attain achievements unheard of. Focus on your dreams, concentrate on what matters to you and develop a plan of action.


I wanted to write this post at the beginning of May Day’s bank holiday, but life caught up with me. Yet this headline would not leave my being, in all, I was doing, I kept thinking about how I use to look forward to long bank holiday weekends. This was because I hated my job with a passion, I was in telecoms and worked there just to pay the bills, it was quite tragic. My shift was 7am – 4pm, now considering I am not an early person, you could imagine, I was always late. My heart would sink at the thought of going into the office and I knew deep within me that this was not living. It was soul destroying and I would not want anyone to experience this on a daily basis without sharing what I know.

In 2006 I decided to follow my bliss and live the dream. I made a choice in cement to follow my career and heart and write my first book called ‘The Food Spiral’. I began teaching workshops and this was the first seed to starting on my self-employment journey. Although I was not making loads of money at first, I was able to branch out and diversify my income streams with training, mentoring and personal development.

Let me help you onto the path, I would like to offer you the opportunity to attend our business conference ‘Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within’ on Saturday 27th May, 5pm. This event is ideal for those who have an interest in starting up their business but do not know how. It is ideal for small/medium business owners. Book your HALF PRICE TICKETS TODAY:  Sign me up


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