Chapter 1: Dylan Is Dying – Dating Julie Series

It is not often that I get to sit down with a gripping read. From start to finish I could not put this script down. When Veronica Bellwood approached my company Peaches Publications to view her work, I knew this Julie’s story had to be told. It is not a happy clappy dating story, this one will stir the soul. I hope you enjoy the rollercoaster that is Julie’s life and gain an insight into the dynamics of dating gone wrong. If this story moves you, please reblog. Thank you.


Readers: 18+ 

Now available for 99p on Kindle: 

Dylan is Dying

Chapter 1

Dylan is dying, because by the time I ring his neck, for giving me a first-class ticket to Hurt City, he shall be maggot food for the little fishes. I swam in an emotional pool of hope and promise for a confusing six months, before becoming derailed. Stopped in my tracks for loving too much, caring way too much and preparing some damn good home cooked meals. I plead ‘not guilty’ to any offense that may occur from this point on.

D broke my brittle heart, compressed it and split it into a billion pieces. It was so fragmented that I had to take it back to Ikea to get it repaired. DIY love is the glue super that is currently holding me together and keeping me standing. Ladies some of these dog men do not…

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