Dating Julie – The Singleton Years

The honesty in this book will make you laugh unexpectedly and cry in the places that hurt. Veronica Bellwood is a new author that is going to change the face of honest dating conversations and the feelings that are attached.

Please follow her blog and watch the series.




Meet Julie Michelle, a self-confessed nutter. She is the beautiful joker in the pack, a good time girl, who is continually drifting from one toxic relationship to the next. Her dating disasters have made her paranoid, deeply wounded and emotionally void. Julie means well and is a good spirited woman, however, she has a murky and twisted side when it comes to meeting men.

Falling in love swiftly is her signature, but deep inside it is her scream for help. Like many women across the globe, she is earnestly seeking love in the all the wrong places and goes about obtaining it in a perilous manner. Being adopted has always been at the pinnacle of her rejection issues, turning her into an emotional wreck. Being shoved around from various foster homes has displaced her on a fundamental level.

Her psycho behaviour scares men off, they simply exit stage left and Julie…

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