Volunteers wanted for The Winsome Show

Banner for The Winsome Show

Venues: Liverpool Street and Walthamstow

Pilot: 24 minutes

Director: Kevin Ellis

Assistant Director: Teish O’Day

Acting Coach: Tony Cealy

Audition date: Saturday 17th September 2016 (rehearsal dates will follow shortly)

Volunteers wanted for The Winsome Show

Disclaimer: The Winsome Show is a pilot and all involvement is on a voluntary basis. We are happy to provide references for those who have worked with us.

The Winsome Show is an ethical social chat show, that aims to empower its viewers by sharing knowledge and education in the area of finances. We are seeking a team of dynamic volunteers that will be committed to the process.

This a fantastic opportunity to be a part of an innovative TV show with a difference. We will improve the lives of thousands globally on The Winsome Show, whilst helping you to raise your profile in the entertainment industry.

All volunteers are expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

­­To apply:

Please email your CV with your top three roles you would like us to consider:


Yours faithfully,

Winsome Duncan


Crew The Team
These roles are ideal for university graduates as well as professionals who support our vision.

Cameraman x 3 with equipment

Lightening crew

Sound Engineer

Audio dubbing

Art Designer

Runner x 2

Co Editor



Set Designer

Location Manager

Boom Operator

Colour grader

Intellectual Property Lawyer (pro bono)

Fundraiser team (2017)

Personal Assistant


Senior Volunteer coordinator


Social media team

Chat Show Manager

Marketing and PR team

Advertisement Manager

Warm Up Host (comedian)


Costume Designer

TV Make-up artist x 2

Graphic Designer

Proof Reader

Personal Trainer


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