Open To Create Sessions.

329232_287137591321023_74311083_oPowerhouse females in the boardroom. 

This evening I attended Anna Sexton forum event on finances. Lisa Newton shared her knowledge in the area of finances and left me with an ocean of ideas to propel my business further.

As a woman in business, it can sometimes be tough in a male dominated world. This two hour session gave us the opportunity to share ideas and discuss feedback. I now have a proactive list of can do items in my business, which I will focus on delivering in the month of May.

I found it very useful to pay what I like as it means each person who attends means they can mould it to their budget. It was lovely to have a conversation with powerhouse woman. Anna you were great and keep shining.

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2 thoughts on “Open To Create Sessions.

  1. Love this! Thank you xx great we are back in connection and sharing wisdom and good laughs x

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