Poem: Welcome 2015

I performed this poem at church yesterday. Enjoy.
Did you thank God this morning for the breath in your body?
Ole years night we celebrate, whilst others slipped into eternity
We lost the great legends like Maya Angelou this year
As we taste the salt in our grief stricken tears
It could’ve been a love one you held dear
How long can you be shackled by your fears?
Tonight I call on you, dare to dream a bigger dream
Life is a gift that must be unwrapped by the seams
Plants shed their leaves to give birth to new
On this New Year’s night are you happy in all that you do?
You were created in His image, there is no one like you
Lets make 2015 the year that you breakthrough
I have a friend in Jesus and I want you to know him too
When I had no job, no money, my Saviour brought me through
If you have a home, with food, running water and heating
Rejoice and be glad for your blessings
God can provide you with a life bigger than you ever imagined
If you are faithful to His commands, it is not hard to fathom
Let me ask you, how many more Christmases, birthdays and Easters do you have left?
Life is real, it not a dress rehearsal or test
I will fear no evil because I serve the living King
God Almighty thank you for the joy You bring
Alongside my Micah family, I will lift up my voice and sing
Rejoice in Your name Jesus, my heart is my offering
Be encouraged in this terrain called life
You were born an overcomer to sail past the strife
On this silent night, say a pray in your heart
For continued protection, as you make a fresh start
Out with the old and in with the new
At the strike of midnight be renewed
Wear your breastplate of righteousness as we cross over into 2015
May it be the best year, that you have ever seen
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