The Invisible Credit Crunch

“We dance on the breadline with glass in-between our toes; will we have food in our cupboards? Nobody knows!”


New book release: 100 Ways To Conquer The Credit Crunch.

Award winning author Winsome Duncan, tells her emotive story of how she struggled when faced with unemployment for the third time in her career. Winsome battled depression as she sank deeper into debt and was forced to learn how to save money on a tight budget.

100 Ways To Conquer The Credit Crunch is her fourth title from The Healing Factory Publications. The book aims to inspire ordinary people to save money on a daily basis, secure a job or start up their own business with the powerful tools in the BONUS ‘Crunch It’ workbook.

BBC London Radio Presenter Eddie Nestor says: ‘It is a hidden gem with a 5 star rating’.

100 Ways To Conquer The Credit Crunch is ideal for those who are currently:
• Unemployed
• Living on low incomes
• Been released from prison
• Have been made redundant
• Wants to start up their own business
• For service providers who work with the above client group

Millions of people worldwide are challenged with the ongoing invisible credit crunch syndrome, which hits the hardest for those living below the poverty line. This impact’s on their ability to provide the basic essentials like rent, food, gas and electricity. Winsome teaches ‘Proactive Employment Workshops’ pan London, via her social enterprise MPLOYME. Ixion Enterprise awarded MPLOYME with the Gold Challenger award in July 2014.

RRP: £7.99
Order today:

Notes to Editors – Winsome is currently available for:
– Interviews for television, radio, newspapers and magazines
– Public speaking engagements
– Terrestrial news features
– Email: Website:

“Empowering you back into work”

A Money Saving Guide To Cost-Effective Living

Empowering You Back Into Work

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