Have You Fulfilled Your Assignment On Earth? 

You got the whole word in your hands. What are you going to do with it?

You got the whole word in your hands. What are you going to do with it?

After spending the day in silence and deep meditation. On my way home and walking up the stairs, a thought raced through my mind. It said loud and clear ‘if I was to die today have I fulfilled my assignment on earth?’.

So many earthlings spend their time in jobs they HATE, without little or no knowledge that their time is the most precious commodity.

  • We cannot buy back time.
  • We cannot know when our time is up.
  • We cannot get in a time machine and go back in time.

That is why the present is a gift. I have always been a woman who likes to live outside the box. I like to dance to my own rhythm .I was laying down thinking about my life and if I was to die today, I know I would not of completed what I came to this planet to do.

  • I have lives I need to transform.
  • I have millions of people I need to teach, reach and empower.
  • I have an ocean of individuals to inspire back into work.
  • I have several more books to write that are buried inside me.

I have been thinking, all my thoughts have led me to this day. Every action I have every done has brought me to this moment. I know that 2014 will be the year of the open door. I can feel the energy change, however am I prepared for it?

I encourage those who take the time to read my work to live what is in them. Please I beg of you bring your gifts to the forefront. The race of life is for those who endure the longest. Life is a blessings let your cup overflow, make sure you are always of the mindset of feeing half full of life. If you are not happy within or in your environment, CHANGE IT NOW!!!

The stiller I become the closer I get to God. This is not a  dummy run, this is a real test drive. Before Dr Maya Angelou died her last tweet to the world was ‘Listen to yourself and in the quietude you might hear the voice of God’. RIP.

I will leave you with these ramblings of my mind and my wish for you is to let happiness pulsate in your veins:

  1. You have a duty to live what is in you.
  2. Function in your passion.
  3. Follow your bliss.
  4. See your glass of life as half full.
  5. Rest if you must but do not quit.

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