The Leading Ladies Goal Setting Brunch

Written by Ms Rose Blossom: 
leading ladies picture
Yesterday The Leading Ladies Club was launched in a plush South London venue, an initiative of Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan. The Leader of Leading Ladies hosted the first meeting with the foundation of goal setting for leading ladies: women in business. These women are serious movers and shakers; they mean business as a good turnout made way to the forum on a Saturday morning for strategic business and goal setting, as well as building a supportive network of like minded women.  Afterwards a sense of euphoria was gathered as attendees on social networks commented on the good vibes of the event.
I recently attended a UN Women Event in the Houses of Parliament on the theme of inspirational women, and Winsome and I both informed the house on our empowerment works in community projects. UN Women is an entity for gender equality and empowerment of women, and the Healer is also a champion for this work as she envisions that LL members who lead in their professions, projects and passions are change agents thus starting of the year in motivational goal setting. The benefits of being a member are a continuous support throughout the year with other gifted and strong ladies to help each other achieve their goals as well as many other advantages.
Leading Ladies Club brunch
Next month on Thursday 20th February coinciding with the month of love The Leading Ladies Club will host the event entitled “Love and Business Seminar” in the heart of the city at The Mella Centre, 73 Oxford Street, London. Networking from 6pm the debate starts from 7pm:
– How do you manage being in business and being in love?
– Is a relationship hindering your business judgement?
– Is it okay for a lady to be bread winner in the home?
Winsome will also be discussing extracts from her book “You Were Supposed to Love Me”.
With the motto “Success is a mindset” the question has been answered “Who run the world?”

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