POEM: Black Molasses

Black Molasses 

When I first saw you, heaven chimed 
I saw a gentle giant staring back at me 
Your midnight molasses skin
Radiated under the candlelight 
I sowed seeds into your nothingness 
Waiting silently for them to grow 
Disappointed by a confusing exchange on fertile soil 
I am alone without the capacity to love your essence 
Standing from afar I recall conversations of progressive mind-sets 
This communication became hindered inside my insecurities 
Still not perfect, still not the best of me, just trying to find who I am 
My kisses fall onto this page, as you turned your cheek away 
When you flinched as I reached out to be felt on a human level 
My ego recoiled offended 
I knew in that specific time and space 
We stood divided, no longer on the path of solidarity 
I watched our togetherness fade into the shadows of eternity 
I had wished for a King in shiny silver armour 
Yet I was faced with a traumatise concrete wall 
That my tiny female hands cannot penetrate 
Wondering why I don’t have all the answers for when the loving dies 
I cry oceans hoping to muster the courage to touch again 
It may not be in this lifetime 
As I exit stage left, I carry a small bag of memories of when making me smile was once your priority 

Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan 3rd December 2013 © Taken from the You Were Supposed To Love Me Series: https://www.facebook.com/YouWereSupposedToLoveMe?fref=ts

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One thought on “POEM: Black Molasses

  1. Beautiful but hauntingly sad at the same time. Parting is never easy. Keep on inspiring people with your poetry and healing words in your book You Were Supposed to Love Me.

    On another note would you be happy for me to include this in my anthology 7 Shades of Love? Xx

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