Dream Destroyers

Dream Destroyers


Dream Destroyers come in the form of people and unforeseen circumstances. I often hear ‘smile’ in the face of adversity but how can I when she had punched one of my teeth out and given me a black eye? Life and death is truly on the tongue and I have witnessed people speak death and curses into the hearts of those who try to elevate.

Life is a symmetry of ups and downs, if you try hard you will see that your glass is half full and one day will overflow. No one knows the vision that was given to you, that is why you MUST not allow external forces to dictate your destiny. The simple fact is not everyone will like you or be in alignment with your dreams and that is okay.

Your job is to draw out the positivity, when you crash into a wall of negative vibration. Learn the lesson and move on. The best revenge is success as haters cannot help but to foam at the mouth. The Dream Destroyers people have their own demons to fight and instead of dealing with the internal battles, they externalise their frustration and belittle people. This is done so that they can inflate themselves with false pride. It is not YOUR issues let it go.

What is the solution?

Stand firm in the truth of who you are and what you want to achieve. Be accountable for making your dreams a reality, it hurts to be a bystander in your own life. Remember sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you. When someone leaves your life, realise had they been truly for you, they would of stay. I am so tired of hearing about dreams deferred and it is our job to build up our peers around us within our community.

The dream is real keep on striving for higher heights and fear not of evil doers. Have the tenacity to know who you are and position yourself for greatness. Life is a learning curve, so enjoy the slide. As of today I speak life into your dreams. I reverse every bad word that Dream Destroyers have echoed in your life. I want your vision to be resuscitated, know your worth and keep going, never give up or give in. It is well.

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3 thoughts on “Dream Destroyers

  1. Lots of Dream Destroyers about Lyrical. Trick is to protect and ground yourself in th

  2. and to send them love and light. I’ve done this and it’s worked! They had no effect on my life anymore Black tourmoline is also a good crystal to use to protect use from ‘haters’ and negative energy. Thanks for the read and keep on elevating Xx

    • lyricalhealer on said:

      Thanks for the feedback. It must be addressed this topic as so many heart are broken. It is easy to say forget them but what happens when they burn a mark in your brain. It all gets toxic. Dream destroyers do not deserve our head space.

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