Danni you are a superwoman and we need someone like you with your deep insights into toxic relationships, with the ever so charming Mr Wrong. I encouraged all my bloggers to go over and check out your blogs not just the one I wrote. You are changing women’s lives and equipping them to make better choices within their relationships. I am glad to add to your forth coming book ‘Jog on Mr Wrong’ to your ever going collection. My prayer and heartfelt desire is that my words will resonate and begin the healing in so many wounded hearts. God bless and peace be onto you. The Healer In Me.

Mr Wrong

Meet Winsome Duncan aka Lyrical Healer. She is intelligent, gorgeous, inspiring and super talented yet she too, has had various encounters with Mr Wrong. Have a read of her fabulous contribution Mr Wrong Jog On– an ode to all women who have lived and learned from men who should have valued them more that the Love you have for Your Self is The Greatest Love of All.Peace and Love

Daniella x

Mr Wrong Jog On…

There was something in the wind today, it made me stop, and realise a change is coming. I knew whole heartedly, I had to let him go. Maybe it was because he rarely returned my calls. Why has Mr. Wrong got me singing another sad song? Got me thinking of heartbreak classics like:

• Love Don’t Know Live Here Anymore
• Love is a Losing Game
• Un-break my Heart
• End of the…

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  1. Thank you so much lovely Lyrical! X

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