Poem: Visionaries Ahoy

Visionaries Ahoy
It is in the unspoken silence that I hear the most
Often there is clarity wrapped in the stillness of night
I do not fear man for HE is not my maker
The darkness gives birth to light, feeding the melanin in my cells
I see historic visions get lost in the paper chase, they live by the waste side now
The rats race makes many a good folk displaced into personal gullies
What is worse than the loneliness? It is that God shaped hole The void that burns incessantly

It echoes within, preventing transformation
Yet we were born blessed in the Almighty
Some remain zombies working 35 hours a week
Inside the stillness of the cracks lives your inner child
A hug is not enough to cure what ails you
It is pivotal we dig deep into the trenches of self
Placing value on being victorious
You have won, every day you wake up in the morning with breath
Invigorate the mind and release the shackled seasick mentally
Your brainchild should be at the helm
Functioning in your purpose is one of God’s greatest gifts Go forth courageously and inhale life
This is only elements of who I am, which will be fragmented over the corners of time
There is no third world, only one world, one love
We can chose to grow in our divine destiny daily
Balance is all we need and a giving heart to conceive the scales of equality
Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan 20th October 2012 ©
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