Behind The Scenes: The Healer In Me

Classical Composer Andrew Campling joins forces with Lyrical Healer to bring you ‘Beside the Sea.

The Healer in Me

Written by Winsome Duncan

Directed by Joshua Horwood and Winsome Duncan

Filmed and edited by Joshua Horwood

Narrated by Winsome Duncan

Lyrical Healer explores the vast underground music & poetry scene. She taps into the world of entertainment, where up and coming artists stay hungry, while their talent continues to go unrecognised.  The Healer in Me, follows Lyrical’s musical journey and she shares her thoughts on what it takes to be in the music industry.

Lyrical’s diverse taste in music had led her to work with Classical Composer Andrew Campling and to record internationally with Chicago’s Jazz Singer Natalie Oliveri. The Director of feature film ‘Moral Conflict’ starring (Mica Paris and Linda Robson), approached and selected Lyrical’s duet song ‘Inside Out’ featuring Jenna Vardell, to appear as the theme track. Miss Healer takes a bite size chunk from behind UK’s creative minds to bring you ‘The Healer in Me’.

Eddie gave the book An Inner City Guide To Surviving The Credit Crunch at 5 star rating!!

It takes blood, sweat and tears to stay and thrive in the music industry. It is not for the faint hearted. We follow the road of independent artist’s as they make their stamp on the UK music scene.

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