What Is Hurt Talk & How Can I Recover?

Release your fears.

Hurt talk stems from the root of pain and exists in realm of emotions. It is a veil that walks with you through life and corrodes every decision made.

Frightened people are usually wounded by past scars and a lifetime of regrets. Living in fear activates a scared mind and a tortured soul. It is the common battle of good vs. evil via the mind’s eye perception. It is inside that spilt thinking that confusion arises.

Hurt people, hurt people. The pain bubbles up like a volcano and erupts into poisonous venom of words that cannot be retracted. The art of language dies and pain is adopted instead. Every circumstance becomes dramatic and the vitality of life is drained from you.

Let us examine, what is your hurt language?

  • I feel too scared to step outside my comfort zone.
  • Let me hurt you before you hurt me.
  • My glass is forever half empty.
  • Stay away, I am unlovable.
  • I am not good enough.
  • Leave me alone.

This language is interesting. Today begin identifying areas where you need to grow, it is essential in order to heal. What is most profound about hurt talk is the liberation that is on the other side, if you are willing to dig deep. Investing your time, to unravel the triggers of tragic, emotionally charged responses is extremely beneficial for most. Yet, many choose the path of least resistance.

What I know is that we are born to die and with every breath we step closer to the grave. It is pointless living in an existence that is filled with agony. Just like a rose you must bud, bloom and eventually go back to the earth, it is your destiny. Start on your journey today, by listening closely to the thoughts in your head and identified your hurt language.

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