There is healing in letting go…

Believe me when I say, there is healing in letting go and surrendering. People walk around in their lives desperately trying to control people and circumstances. The thing is life is not a rehearsal it is the real deal and we cannot position characters to their desires and whims. I do not know who needs to hear these words? I do know there are new beginnings in these words if you are receptive to them.

As humans we tend to live in fear quite often and dabble in the ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ scenarios of life. Fear can govern many areas of our lives especially pertaining to matters of the heart. You have to love yourself enough to be brave and let go of the hurt, the tears, the comfort zones, people and circumstances. When you let go have conviction and strength to believe that this is for your highest purpose.

Growing through the pain.
Being an emotional eater meant at the first signs of pain I would dive straight for the food as it was my default setting. I would medicate and numb my feelings by eating them away. What really happened was I would hurt myself more by not loving honouring my difficult feelings. I realised pain helps us to grow and realign, its okay to cry and not run for the nearest doughnut. That is why God gave us tears. I have now gained valued coupled with self-worth and I truly believe that embracing the pain and pushing through it can lead to a breakthrough on the other side. Pain is a part of life and if you can develop coping mechanism to deal with it, that is half the battle. Life can be a bitter sweet pill at times, so remember every little experience that you have, is there to teach you a precious lesson.

Peace be still.
Balance is a key skill when calming inner turmoil. I remember Bishop T D Jakes sayings ‘I’d rather have peace, than joy, I would rather wake up each morning with myself and hugging me.’ This statement was and still is extremely potent because it embodied the importance of claiming your peace, even when everything in your life is turned upside down and in turmoil. My message is simply this ; let peace be the order of the day and the navigation of your soul.

Always Healing.
Lyrical Healer.

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2 thoughts on “There is healing in letting go…

  1. wise words dear one. letting go in free flight, in the midst of spin, sitting in the centre of self, where peace awaits us. ba dom, ba dom, ba dom,

  2. lyricalhealer on said:

    Thanks Wendy for your response. I write the truth of my experiences and then tell the world. Flame on.

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