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Just because an old mahogany table is ragged and worn does this mean that it has no purpose in life? The table’s legs are strong and sturdy and have miles of endurance left yet the table surface is tainted, scratched and peeling. You can do two things you can throw the table out because of its superficial scares or we can look a little deeper at the table and with insight, tender loving care, sanding down and a good coat of varnish this table can be RESTORED and continue to retain its purpose, for its life expectancy does not end here just because it’s been battered over time.

When you look at your life do you feel you are standing on your last legs? If affirmative then you need to rest, restock and restored. In today world everything is instant just like a pot noodle, pour hot water on it and it’s ready in seconds. Do the strong get weary? Yes. Do you get a cold, flu and other sicknesses? Yes. On that rare opportunity that you do rest do you feel guilty? Sometimes. The faster the pace of your life the more frequent rest stops are needed and when you do press the pause button, listen to what your body is saying as it always speaking to you. Taking time out and restoring your body, your ideas and your visions will make you feel much sharper and on point. Your ability to function and to respond accordingly is increased. Take the following suggestions gracefully and if needed apply and adapt to your lives:

Rest – Take a rest stop, unplug the phone turn the television off, light some candles/incense and sit down and breathe in and out. Come into contact with your breath because it’s your life force and it pumps the oxygen to your vital organs. This is your time to be still and connect to your purpose in life.

Restock – Pick up a paper and pen and write down how you think you are progressing this year. Are you on course? What do you need to change? Are you happy? Are you sad or depressed? Taking a personal inventory is vital to your journey in life because it allows you to refocus.

Restored – Your renewal is vital for your spiritual growth and you can come through the most traumatic events that life has presented to you. It is your birthright to be RESTORED and rejuvenated why should you become caught up in the rat race chasing pennies in a system that is not designed to see you achieve. The value of being restored is measured by the peace of mind you receive on your journey this is inclusive of feeling energised and able to cope with the ups and down in this rollercoaster we call life. Change your focus and perceptions one day at a time and remember the 3 R’s daily it will assist you in your spiritual purification.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer

Written by Winsome “Lyrical Healer” Duncan 6th April 2010 (c).

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