Let the new you start today, not next year! – Inspirational words.

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Let the new you start today, not next year!
As we rapidly approach a New Year, log fires are being lit, mince pies are on the stove and mulled wine permeates the air. As you concluded 2009 upon reflection ask yourself “have I achieved everything I set out to do this year?” Generally many people tend to fall short and stumble within the 1st month of their New Year resolutions, even with the best intentions in mind you are left with feelings of guilt, remorse and failure.
Interestingly enough the majority of people associate the New Year with major life choices like losing weight, stopping smoking or buying a home. I dare you to think outside the perimeters of your old mindset and realise today that you always have the ability to make a new decision at every turning point throughout your life’s journey.

In the distance I hear the familiar songs o f “a New Year, a new me” please change the record it’s scratched and does not serve you. Challenge this perception right now and start today by making the necessary adjustments that will impact and improve your daily life. Take massive action towards your goals, desires and aspirations by charting your progress daily. It will take time, disciple, effort and energy so be sure to encourage yourself along the way.

Set goals
Writing down your goals is a great way to solidify ideas and make you more likely to succeed as you can refer back to your list. Start by brain storming several of your goals and then select the top three in which you would like to work to develop. Be specific in your goal writing for example if you say “I want to lose weight” this statement is too general instead write “I would like to lose seven pounds in 30 days”. This way you can identify when you are getting closer to your goal.

Deadlines are instrumental in your goal setting because it gives you something to strive for. Set a timeframe for when you want to complete yours goals by and make your deadlines realistic, otherwise you will not stick to it. If you plan to spring clean your home week one you can clear out your paperwork, week two do some internal cleaning, week three give items of clothing, toys and electrical goods that you no longer use to charity and so on until you have a tidy clean home. This way you have a clear marker and timeline to work with and you will be more likely to achieve your goals.

Strategic planning
Plan your success write down how are you going to achieve your next goal and celebrate each incremental attainment along the way. If you do not reward yourself eventually you could become resentful and all your hard work goes to waste because you feel defeated. It is indeed the old chestnut but worth reading anyway, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”.

Changing your mental state is similar to the glass of life from which you drink, is your glass half empty or half full? Half empty drinkers tend to be the pessimist and always look at the negatives in every situation because that way they will not be disappointed, what kind of way is that to live your life? Half full drinkers are optimistic and make the best out of challenging situations and focus on solutions and problem solving. A minute shift in your attitude can cause dynamic transformation within your life. Internal growth is always painful when we are gravitating to something new and depart from our comfort a zone, which is why a positive mental attitude is imperative during this process. Be courageous and believe that you deserve to live an optimum life, finally if you do go off track I want you to remember a setback is preparing you for a comeback!

Quote for the month: Remember failure is an opportunity to learn what not to do!

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