Let No One Steal Your Glory.

The victory is within you, do not be a victim of life. Yes I understand bad things have happened to you, but they do not define who you are. Be encouraged on this road called life and have faith that you will overcome and chase your dreams. It is about time you embrace your glory, grab it with both hands and do not be ashamed of it. You have what it takes to manifest your vision and accomplish your dreams. The battle is for those who want to war, instead call the so called battles in your life challenges. Always think of solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Use the gifts you have been given to connect to the world and make a positive change. You can impact millions when you align with your destiny. Leave fear at the front door and do not invite it in. Living in fear only depletes you, you must resonate in power of who you are!

Who am I? I am a Writer, who wants to change perceptions, through the word. Before I leave this earthly plane, I desire to inspire as many souls as I can. Transformation is the key, it has taken over three decades to step into my authentic power and feel comfortable in my own skin. Now that I am here, I am going to use every day to live, my glass is half full and I care not for the judgements of others and now realise that they are stuck in their own pain. I speak to you today because I want to ignite a spark in your spirit to action change. Start today, because you are not promised tomorrow or a New Year! Define who you are and step into your greatness.

With the great upheaval I am facing around my physical health, I felt compelled and inspired to write this message. I don’t know, who needs to hear what I have to say, however know this message is delivered with the love. The time is now, my beautiful people, do not sit on your laurels. Wake up procrastination and tell it to pack its bags and be ever so wise with the daily choices you make. Remember keep the love alive!

To you I say:
• More power
• Keep the dream alive
• Never give up
• Inspire ever higher
• Keep the faith
• Be proactive
• Transform and renew your mind

The Healer Must Heal.


Written by Winsome Duncan 29th November 2010 ©

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