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Greetings Beautiful,

I thought I’d quickly slip in some January inspiration. We are one twelfth into 2010 scary where does the time go? What happened to the resolutions? Are they flying high or faded away.

I have a burning desire to encourage you in all that you do. You know the winners in life are the one who are proactive. Some folks sit on the side lines wishing and daydreaming about new beginnings and that all it will remain a dream, a fantasy unless you start putting some action into the goals you want. A positive mental attitude is what required in life, we can spend so much time swimming around in negativity that we become consumed by the worst that life has to offer.

For the first time I went to visit someone in prison this year and it was so sad to see because of the poor choice that individual made it will affect his life forever, imagine what that does to the spirit of mankind, it’s crushing. As far as I can see we are on the outside and there is ample opportunity for change. Go out there and impact the world with your passion you can change the course of someone destiny and encourage them for the best. When on lockdown one has a lot of thinking time to ponder about life, today we can make sometime for ourselves to reflect and consider our next course of action. You are the captain of your ship so navigate it to where you want to be and if you do face stormy weather know that it is only for a time.

You have everything you need in order to get to your destination, you really just need to be creative in your ideas and pursue a yes when faced with multiple no’s. When thinking about your dreams and goals say remember the timeless words of Les Brown “it’s possible!”.

Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan 31st January 2010.

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