I’m not dead yet so don’t count me out! – Inspirational blogg

I’m feeling a revolution in my spirit unlike any before. I want you to read out loud the following with faith and conviction, print it off if you need to and share it with love ones and friends.

As I marched forward in my life I pray for goodness and mercy to follow me all the days of my life, may favour be the order of the day as I continue to swim in the abundance of life. Family, friends and associates may have hurt my feelings but they do not have the dominion over my life and though I feel angry and upset at times this too shall past. I might not be perfect in all I do but……

…….. I’m not dead yet so don’t count me out!

Trials and heartbreak may come knocking at my door but I know that I am an overcomer and though some wish bad luck & hexes over me I will succeed and be promoted to the next level of elevation for God is my resting place and I shall not fear no man. My body may be tired, crippled and weak but I still have the precious breath in my body to survive another day so I know in my heart of hearts…..
……..I’m not dead yet so don’t count me out!

I am the light in this world for all to see and magnify in its fullest glory I was born with a purpose and I’ll shall deliver on it no matter how hard the times may seem, no matter who puts me down, I got to remember I wear a golden crown and I sit of the thrown of the Kingdom. When I walk by I declare that all is well in my world and no ungodly forces can dwell where the Almighty is the lover of my soul. I live not for the opinions of others and I worship no idols. Every day that I am alive is a blessing to behold, I am an original uniquely made and my time here on earth has not expired. I am going to get up when life knocks me down and shout I shall overcome for I am in the land of the living and…. I’m not dead yet so don’t count me out!

All things are possible with God unstoppable.
Always healing and lyrically yours.
Miss Healer

Written by Winsome “Lyrical Healer” Duncan 3rd March 10.

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Let The Healing Begin
06 April 2010

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