What do I do when my life is black with shades of blue?

You know what group I’m going to give it to you straight, this week has been an extremely stressful week for all kinds of reasons. Most things are manageable, others things are way beyond my control.

So what do I do when I feel
Co dependent

What do I do when I have no immunity to life’s problems, issues, strife or player hating?
I write
I express
I reach out
I cry
I pray
I call a friend (a real friend that is not one that changes with the wing)

Where can I rest my weary head?
I shall rest it on the shoulder of God, for JOY cometh in the morning. Also I will say what people have told me over these past 6 days, keep your head to the sky, have faith, pray in the spirit, read the bible, think positive, this is just a test, let go of the people who are in your life for a season, feel your feelings, move forward progressively, don’t give up and flame on!

Today when I feel that my like is black with shades of blue I talk to you and remember love will guide us through and that we are covered in all we do!

Hope this helps you like it’s helped me.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer – http://www.lyricalhealer.co.uk

If you know someone who can benefit from this group then please forward them the link below.


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