Walking through the wilderness – Let the healing begin…

Greetings Beautiful,

Have you ever felt that you are wondering through life aimlessly? Maybe you have felt rejected, deflated, depressed or downhearted? As you walk through your life with a heavy heart, your mundane routine becomes stale. You feel claustrophobic and frustrated because no matter how hard you have tried to be obedient to your higher self needs, somehow you become grounded by people, circumstances or environments. Fear is a silent killer that eats away at your soul everyday bit by bit. You become a little more fearful because you don’t believe or even see the gem inside you.

As you dance on your plateau you become complacence, it is evident that you are going no where very fast. STOP – hold on – wait a minute, did you not know that you are precious? Did you not know that you are magnificent? Did you not know that favour walks alongside you? Did you not connect to the beauty that is within? Not that fake, egotistic, skin crawling, superficial beauty, but a beauty that is to behold, cherish, adore, appreciated and is the very essence of who you are.

Babygirl stand
Babyboy stand
Stand on negativity
Stand on procrastination
Stand on the ifs, buts and maybes
Stand on distress
Stand up for equality
Stand up for love
Stand up for emancipation
Stand up for healing the nation

In the wilderness one must become still and listen to what your inner self is whispering to you. Let fear and terror evaporate and set your heart free. Follow that calling and though the times are cold, dark and appear empty, fear not. The light is within you and the more you let it shine brightly, the easier it will be for you to see your way out of the wilderness.

Always Healing
Lyrical ‘Winsome Duncan’ Healer
18th January 2009 ©

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