UK Connect Review – Uprising by Ricardo Clarke

UK Connect Review – Uprising by Ricardo Clarke
Written by Lyrical ‘Winsome Duncan’ Healer

Bohemian born Ricardo Clarke has released his debut album called ‘Uprising’ (Vol 1 Not Settlin) This spectacular album from Clarke is a credit to the reggae industry. His cinnamon velvet tones and earthy sound makes the listener fall back into his adoring dub groves, with catchy lines ‘Uprising’ is an easy listen with over 40 minutes of music.

Clarke poignantly exposes the haterism within our society as he expresses fluidly that no matter what one must remain diligent and rise above the negative opinions of those around us. With the inauguration of Barack Obama ‘Uprising’ comes at a suitable time in the doors of history.

Standout tracks consist of ‘Talk’ which conveys a messages of ‘Let them talk till their mouth runs dry’ is pure poetry amongst the motion of gossip and deceit. ‘Sound of rain’ indicates that the disaffected and impoverish shall overcome and triumph! ‘Not Settling’ is the mantra for our lives because we must never ever give up on our dreams and transcend into who we really are.

This album is positive, encouraging, real to life, uplifting and inspiring. Ricardo vocals stream consciousness that empowers you to want to do and be more in your lives. With famous producers like Sam Gilly and House of Rhythm this album is a winner.

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