Today I have a word for you.

Today I have a word for you that wells ups from the depths of my being. May these
words utter in the winds of your life and echo as a memory to be encouraged on the road of resistance.

Today I have a word for you it’s not presented in bubble wrap but it is from the heart. Be more of yourself each day, people pleasing only leaves decay and it does not make you happy. Laugh a lot it really is healing and natural medicine for the soul. Congratulate yourself on the small achievements as well as the big ones they both count you have still have achieved something worthwhile.

Today I have a word for you which is to smile more, increase your soul glow. This world is so consumed with getting the next best gadgets that we do not smell the roses, sounds simple enough but it’s only when our health is at risk, we remember what it feels like to have the breeze blow on our faces and then you really do smell the flowers because its better than being in a hospital bed.

Today I have a word for you, no matter what you are loved, someone thinks of you and you are the light in this cold world. Go out there and be what you want to be the only limit is the one you place on yourself. Remember a close door does not mean it’s locked. Unlocked the door and behold the wonder that is you. May favour and mercy follow you all the days of your life.

Today I have a word for you, you matter, you are special, you count, you deserve the best, you are awesome and fearfully made. Make today the day that you smell the flowers.

Infinite love
Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan © 27Th October 2009

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2 thoughts on “Today I have a word for you.

  1. Beloved Sister, Your wordsound choices are both timely and profound…It is in these times of meditation where I was experiencing a fright of my light..your words echo the quiet voice within that I tapped into to balance my perceptions..Im comforted by the ripple effect of Divine communication…im moved.deeply…Give thanks to you and your Guiding Source..All is One and All is Love…Reflected Blessings xXx

    • lyricalhealer on said:

      Greetings Lacey,

      It is always a blessings to connect with you in any form. Your new works is super inspiring and will change the world. As Creatives we feel more so we must never give up on our soul calling. The fright you feel is growing pains which will take you to a higher vibration. It has always been in you keep believing in who you are and what you were born to do. I mirror these words back to me. All is well. xxx

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