The Human Connection Blog.

Greetings group,

For the longest while I’ve been wanting to send you this message and finally the time is now! There must be power in it as it taken me a while to sit down and focus.
Anyways I’m blessed and looking forward never back, be encouraged!

The human connection is a beautiful one. In life there are some mighty fine people that we should go the extra mile for. There are also some very unhappy people who properly do not mean to make your life a misery but after a conversation you feel drained. What type of people do you have in your environment?

What is the point of spending energy focused on negative insecure beings, there comes a point where being helpful is now enabling. Today I refuse to live my life in fear worrying about people who are deceitful, liars, users leeches or clones. The whole people pleasing days are over. I turn my thoughts to how I can help and assist others.

Keep your side of the street clean, handle your own business because there are beautiful souls in the world that want to see you prosper and evolve on your spiritual journey and want nothing in return this is truly unconditional.

My goal is to give of myself and help others in whatever way I can, there is enough to share. Your calling may be different so seek it out earnestly. Last month I met a wonderful person who warmed me up from the inside out, who listened attentively with spiritual ears to my soul making me laugh through the fears. Today I posses a joy which is unspeakable because I am connecting with people heart to heart and following my gut instincts is the key.

Sometimes people are so lonely within all they have are social networking site to value there self worth. Ending up with low self-esteem from being addicted to internet, drug, alcohol or sex. This behaviour takes us further away from showing up for our lives. The presence is all we have to give, looking into the eyes of those we love is priceless. Go ahead make that call to a family member or friend that you keep promising yourself to do for tomorrow may never come live for today.

Always healing
Lyrical H

If you know someone who can benefit from this group then please forward them the link below.

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