The Green Eye.

You know it never ceases to amaze me the insecurity of humankind; it can be crazy at times I really don’t get it. The green eye monster is out and I’m like why can’t we all live in harmony? But that’s not realistic Lyrical so then what? SWV says “use your heart and not your eyes” so what are we talking here inner vision?

I use this platform to utter messages within and I realise in a big way not everyone is going to be for you and that’s okay, not everyone is going to be your friend and that’s cool too. Not everyone is down for the cause so that’s why I get up and stand up against the
It’s not easy but for years I was into this people pleasing ting and I’m like no more I need to release myself from the bondage of wanting to be liked, I’m okay and comfortable with me just as I am.

I say let your love light shine bright beautiful ones. We breathe in and out what a blessings this day can be filled with grace if you allow it. Trust your instinct to decipher peoples real motive and intentions towards you, it really works. I can only be me and you can only be you and together that’s the best we can be.

So when that green eye of envy comes knocking do not be afraid it’s a part of life, as long as you know you are ok, I’m okay with that knowledge. Where I’m I going with this? I guess what I’m expressing is that at times one can get caught up with the negative energy and vibe of others and it really is not worth at all. It’s just taking away from the important things you have to deal with. Filling up with love is a daily occurrence for me and I continue to give out the best of what the Creator has given to me!

More power to you all, together we can affect the whole.

The Healer in me.

Always Healing
Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan’ © 12th September 2009

If you know someone who can benefit from this group then please forward them the link below.

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