The gift of goodbye!

You know I’ve gotten this far in my life on a wing and a prayer and now that I am centring myself in the gifts that God has settled in my soul I feel more connected everyday. I’m getting use to the skin that I am in and the changes that I have made for my optimum benefit.

I’m grown enough to know that all things must inevitably come to an end. Not every goodbye is painful, some are blessings in disguised or just blessings full stop! I’ve been in the valleys and I’ve seen the mountain tops and I realise that dead friendships are like a snake shedding its skin. It time to pack away what no longer serves me and move on plain and simple and I’m ok with that.

Be not afraid or intimidated to say enough is enough and to cut the umbilical cord in relationships that no longer serve you. You are truly known by the company in which you keep. Be of good faith and courage and know that when you shut a door 10 more will open.

The gift of goodbye is a fragrant sweet one for now we can wait and see what’s in store for that we have made space for. Do not honour the man that does not honour his word… or you like I will be very disappointed.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer

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