Spiritually Bankrupt

Oh my, what a tragic day we face when we become spiritually bankrupt. All our reserves are depleted and we are nothing but a mere shell. The lights are on but there is no one home. There are so many routes to get to this desolate place:

• Maybe your spouse has left you
• Maybe you are in financial turmoil
• Maybe your health is in a poor condition
• Maybe you have lost a loved one
• Maybe you are homeless
• Maybe you have been made redundant

Whatever your individual case is you may feel like your in this situation alone and no one else feels the way you do. What is remarkable about spiritual pain is that it can be used as a tool to drive through to the next level. Although the nights have been long, empty and traumatic: joy cometh in the morning on the wings of the sun. A new day does indeed bring new challenges but remember not everyone made it here today, some people their journey on this physical plane ended yesterday.

If you are reading this you are still here breathing, you’re still able to turn on a laptop, you have eyes to see all wonders of the now and that is all you need.

For those who are spiritually bankrupt you need to refill before you run out of life, you cannot carry the world on your shoulders and you should not be expected to. Give back to yourself by talking proactive steps you need to make changes in your life, we either do or die, so choose to live today. Choose to connect to your life and repair the damage the best way you know how and gravitate towards your spiritual well-being.
Always Healing

Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan’ 19th February 2009 ©

If you know someone who can benefit from this group then please forward them the link below.


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