Get Up!

Today I feel scared, I look at my life and all the things I must get done and to be honest it’s quite daunting. I dislike uncomfortable emotions because it forces me to think about the areas that are out of balance in my life. As a result of this feeling I decided to write, this is what was created.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer

Get up

Get up out of the wrangle of despair
Walk into your well of happiness

Get up out of spiritual starvation
Strive to eat Soul Food

Get up and fly
Kiss the stars

Get up and recover
Life is waiting expectantly

Get up and have a fierce courage
You illuminate the sun

Get up when you feel down
Use the resources you have

Get up out of dazed confusion
Become clear

Get up and believe
In the possibilities of change

Get up and give
Not material possessions, but your time

Get up! Even if you can’t get up
Rise from your sheepish slumber

Get up and break
The shackles of oppression in your path

Get up and be who you are
Receive what is rightfully yours

Get up and be delighted
Get up and be counted
Get up and be anointed

Written by Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan’ 31st January 2009 ©

If you know someone who can benefit from this group then please forward them the link below.

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