Fighting your parent’s demons.

Letting go of the past through prayer.

You know this subject has been on my mind all day and I figured that the natural progression would be to write about it. Today I remembered a sermon from one of my favourite Pastors T D Jakes he said that “one day you are going to have to face and fight your daddy’s demons”. How true he was, the corroded chains of the past will need to be broken in your adult life at some point or you will take them to the grave letting them shackle keep you in bondage.

I’m going to extend this today by saying slaying your parent’s demons; a stronghold is when your mind is resistance to change. It’s that one thing that holds you back from being the person you want to be. I was watching Dr Cindy Trimm today and her advice was to spend 7 day grieving for the particular situation that has kept you in bondage and then after the 7th day start speaking life in that situation and positively touched me so much that I felt compelled to share this you the reader.

Addictions keep us back from our greatness; it is our fear that holds us hostage in this familiar cycle. I dare you to take charge over your stronghold and liberate yourself. You are not your parents and you do not need to be faithful to the negative happenings within your environment as a child, they did the best they could and that’s all one could really ask for if your parents knew better they would no doubt of done better. Let’s leave shame and blame at the door and look at our part in our lives.

Stand on the word of God.

The past is the past and I have personally released the majority of that which has kept me from achieving Gods greatest potential for my life, I am not perfect and it’s in my imperfections that I can grow spiritually. I need a life line so that I can be resuscitated into the ocean of renewal. Its time to crave out at different road and break away from
-Spirit of poverty
-Negative thinking
– Drug addiction
– Alcoholism
– Fear
– Gambling
-Food addiction
– Being a control freak
– Co dependent relationships and behaviours

The list goes on but I think you get the message please find the courage today to release your parents demons, it not easy but it’s not impossible either. Go forth and spread your light in to the world we need you to be whole and happy in your life. Listening to Still by Eric Roberson – album Music fan first.

Lydia thanks for the dance you have angel wings.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer

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2 thoughts on “Fighting your parent’s demons.

  1. this is quite a deep little corner of the psyche most of us have difficulty visiting for one reason or another,but a nice sentiment still…glad u trying to stay positive…

    • lyricalhealer on said:

      Thank Linda, I believe it goes back to learned behaviours as children. Our parents are our first role models and we imitate them in our adult lives. Take nourishment from those words and hold them close.

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