Be Encouraged…

This is one of my first instalment of healing words to you all. I’d like to thank all 52 members that have joined so far I’m really surprised at the great response I’ve received. So having said that let’s get to it…

Today’s theme is to BE ENCOURAGED life is a rollercoaster with it’s highs and lows, we have to learned to deal with life on life’s terms. One thing that assists me well is keeping it in the day. When we project we place our fears onto situations that may never even happen. Please remember the presence is a gift, therefore we must live in the moment with all it’s glory. So whatever you are going through right now know that this too shall past. Maybe you want a new job, have debts mounting up, you may have just come out of a long-term relationship or you suffer with low self-esteem. Know that you shall and will overcome and rise just like a phoenix out of the flames.

You deserve happiness, joy, peace, love and contentment. These emotions can be attained when you remain true to your feelings. BE ENCOURAGED on your path because it’s a sacred one. Be not afraid for you were made in the image of eternal love.

Book recommendation: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

Always Healing
Miss Healer;)

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