“When I turn my thoughts back to me, it is only then I am truly free”

Everyday you make choices that either empower you or dis-empowered you. Make sure today is the day that you choose to begin to nurture and take care of you. Find a quiet space and read the following paragraph out loud with conviction:

It is in the still of this moment that I connect to all that exists, when I go within I am able to explore me fully. I walk up to the mountaintops of my soul and everyday I take in Mother Earth’s beauty making sure that I give her thanks for this experience. Today in her presence I made a promise to self, I vowed to always honour who I am. Standing firm in my identity I can see a picture of an amazing life. It is now time that I find my own truth, even if it means changing, I am willing to wear a nurturing suit and work on my platinum time whilst always staying focused on me, myself & I.

When we begin to take time out for ourselves it means that we are becoming more aware. When we are more aware of our internal and external environments this means that we are becoming more in tune with ourselves. Being in tune with oneself ignites intuition. Following our intuition is like having your own personal guide in life.

All rights reserved by Winsome Duncan copyright © 2006

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