2009 is the year of being PROACTIVE!!!

Greetings Beautiful,

May this message find you well.

My wish for you is that you be encouraged in all you do and though the roads of your lives may be jagged and you wear a crooked smile, let your heart be filled with the knowledge that you matter, you do count. Stand up for life and lift off for 2009 this is the season of being proactive. Bathed in the glory, wash away the blues and move one step closer to your hearts aspirations by accepting that you are not perfect. It is in your imperfections that you will blossom. I believe in you, so believe in the possibility of change in your world. As we live we must die, as we grow we must get older and as we believe we must become.

Additions keep you shackled; break those chains of bondage by doing what you say you want to get done. My need to please and to be loved led me to the strangest places not knowing who I was made me vulnerable. Just for today I work at keeping my lesser self in check because tomorrow really does take care of itself. In 2009 I say to you be fearless and achieve your inner happiness do what it takes to get you in alignment for your blessings.

This year my promise to you is to be in touch more frequently and please hold me accountable to that.

Always Healing
Lyrical Healer
‘Giving a voice back to the voiceless’

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